Accessories / Accents

Our accessories/accent pieces include, but are not limited to columns, niches, corbels/brackets, arches to span columns, crown trim, base trim and cladding, and balusters, interior or exterior.


Our interior columns are used in non-weight bearing situations or as a post cover where there is weight bearing.


Any size any shape. We work with your designer/architect to produce the look you want.


Besides shelves and bar tops, our corbels/brackets have multiple uses. Gallery arches, bath accents, and kitchen hoods are just a few more ideas. Let your imagination roam.


Whether you need 12” x 24” or 18” x 36” blocks, we can make your wall look and feel like real quarried stone. We also clad curved stairways wine cellars and elevator shafts where the cage allows you to see wall area between floors.


The advantage of extruding the handrail on the jobsite is we can make curves going down stairways or seamlessly change levels such as in a pool area.